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Contemporary artisan ceramics and photographs crafted in Key West


We’d love to show you what we do!

Mark at the wheel

Mark at the wheel

Meet Mark

Influenced by Asian pottery, mid-century modern design, and rustic sensibility, Mark is an award-winning ceramist (a fancy word for potter) known for his modern, functional pieces.

Sarah taking a photo

Sarah taking a photo

Meet Sarah

Sarah’s photography focuses on finding soulful, authentic, and compassionate perspectives through which to view people, places, and things in a peaceful light.


Giving back to community

Key West has been good to us. We want to return the love.


Our mission

We craft artisan ceramics and photographs in Key West

We give back to our island home


What do you want to do today?



What others say about us

“If there is a right way to do a gallery, they did it. In a zen like atmosphere you’ll find space between the beautiful pieces to rest your eyes. Nothing cluttered or jammed. The unique set up features the workspace of Mark, the ceramic artist, right there for all to see how magic is created. Functional art at its finest. The walls are adorned with the gorgeous and skillful photography of Sarah. Her images reflect a unique vision of the stillness in nature. Stepping away from the hustle and buzz of the busy street life into the serenity of this little jewel gallery, truly made my day.”

“Beautiful pottery and photography. Love the artists and their work!”

“Just visited! Beautiful work! The photographs are amazing! The pottery, artistic, creative. Please do yourself a favor and stop by. Easy parking on White Street across from Fausto’s. Thanks, Sarah!”

Scenes from our gallery

Contact information

Shade Ceramics and Shutter Photography

1102 White Street, Key West, FL 33040


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