Craftsmanship and attention to detail

Our event on Saturday afternoon was a great success. Thanks to all our friends and followers who came out to see Mark throw pots. It was great fun. We will do it again soon.

During the event, Mark demonstrated how he attaches the foot to his ceramic pieces. The accompanying video shows how he puts the finishing touches on a bowl by polishing the foot. Not only do his bowls look great on any table, they are gentle on the tabletop because of the smooth finish. This attention to detail is emblematic of the craftsmanship that you can see and feel on all his pieces.

Next time you are on White Street in Key West, drop by the gallery and check out our working studio. Mark will be glad to discuss the finer points of ceramics and give you an appreciation for hand-crafted work.

Mark demonstrates how he polishes the foot of ceramics
Sarah Carleton