No room for more art in your home?

We all know that art breathes life into our homes and creates spaces that enhance our lives. Sometimes it seems, though, that we have no more room for another piece on our walls or shelves. Some of our customers would love to take a beautiful ceramic piece or photograph home with them, but they tell us that they can not think of a place to put it. We have thought about this a lot, and have come up with a few ideas.

Group smaller pieces closely together

With photographs or paintings on the wall, you can create a mosaic of related or unrelated pictures. A grouping of smaller pieces adds interest as you look for the interactions between them and how they may “speak” to each other. The close spacing frees up additional wall space that you can use to create another mosaic of small pieces or to add focus to one large piece. 

The same strategy works for grouping ceramic pieces closely together on shelf or table. Try grouping together three ceramic pieces for a balanced feel. Many smaller ceramic pieces grouped together can create a feeling of abundance.

Rotate your art 

If you have a small storage space suitable for your art, store a few pieces there while you display new pieces on your walls or shelves. Once a month or so, switch out other pieces and keep rotating the art periodically. When you bring out the stored art, try putting it in a different place to give your home a fresh look and give yourself a fresh perspective. After all, when the environment is stagnant, we tend to stop really seeing a piece of art. Your beautiful art deserves to be seen with fresh eyes, so switch it up!

Display your art outside

Many pieces of art can be brought outside for shorter or longer periods of time without damage. Ceramics especially are usually fine outdoors when the temperature is above freezing. You can order photographic prints on metal with an additional coating that allows them to be kept outdoors for two to three years without fading. When you spend a lot of time outdoors it feels great to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art in your backyard or on your deck.

Put art in unexpected places

We usually put art on the living room walls and shelves, but there are many other places where we can enjoy our art. Try unconventional places, like bathrooms and stair wells. You can also put art higher and lower than usual. Unconventional placement brings attention to your art and can act as a conversation starter with your guests. It is also nice to encounter art at eye level when you are sitting in a chair.

We hope that these ideas spur your own creativity as you consider where there may be room for more art in your home. Let us know if you have more suggestions!

Sarah Carleton